Awakening the Giant Within

Awakening the Giant Within
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In today’s world we have become so outward focused that is has literally turned into an obsession. We will never find our real purpose, joy or fulfillment with the external things because God has first and foremost created us to be a spirit. We must begin focusing on the real person on the inside and begin strengthening, what the Bible calls, our inner man.

If you are a born again believer, then you have been made a new creation. The old things that once defined who you were or who people thought you were, are gone. They no longer exist.  The past is in the past. You are a brand new being. But just telling you this is not what is going to release this power into your life. It is vital for you to learn and know what God has placed on the inside of you and renew your mind and body to this new creature and the power that you now possess.  

In this seven part series, Awakening the Giant: Releasing the Power of the New Creation, Pastor John Carter has designed these teachings to specifically awaken the sleeping giant on the inside of you. Knowing who you are and what God has already placed within you, will liberate and empower you to live the overcoming, victorious life which God has intended. The power of the New Creation is living on the inside of you. It’s time to wake up the giant!

This series includes the following titles:
•  The Architect of the Inner Man
•  Knowing Every Good Thing That’s in You
•  The New Man and the New Mind
•  Receiving Revelation Knowledge
•  Releasing the Image of God in You
•  Becoming Righteousness Conscious
•  Justification by Faith

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