Developing Strong Families: Vol.2 - Setting Boundries with Your Children

Developing Strong Families: Vol.2 - Setting Boundries with Your Children
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How do you spell parenting? W-O-R-K! That’s right-it’s not easy being a parent. No one said it would be. But now that you are, you have a responsibility before God to raise Godly children. Children that will not only respect you, but respect themselves, authority and most importantly, God.

Children will regularly challenge the limits you’ve placed around them to see how far you will move from them. It’s their job to try and make you. It’s your job not to! When boundaries are placed in a loving environment, and children are held responsible for themselves, not only will you be blessed personally, but you will also set your children up for their own success and blessing. They may not thank you now, but they will later.

In this three part series, Setting Boundaries with Your Children: Vol. 2 Developing Strong Families, Pastor John Carter describes how boundaries should be set, the role that a father plays and your rights as parents. Yes, you have rights! Your child’s future depends largely on you. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to keep your children on the Godly path? If you are, this series can help you!

This series includes the following titles:
•  The Father’s Role: Nurture and Admonish
•  Setting Up Boundaries with Your Children
•  The Ten Basic Rights of Parents

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