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Have you ever experienced a moment in your life where you stood back and said to yourself, “How did I get here?” Have you ever felt stuck or felt there is just something weighing you down? If we are really honest with ourselves, we can usually identify a habit or pattern of behavior in our lives that has us hooked, trapping us in a holding pattern we feel we can’t break.

Our habits are something we develop automatically when we repeat behaviors and develop patterns of thinking in our minds. God built us this way. His desire is that we understand the power of habits and use them in a positive way. Our Job is to identify the bad habits in our lives, delete then and replace them with good habits that will help us to move forward.

Jesus promises us an abundant life, free from our past failures and strength to overcome our struggles. We’re not meant to live life hooked on toxic relationships, thoughts, or behaviors. In this seven-part series, learn how to develop healthy patterns of thinking to address the most common hooks in life. From financial and behavioral struggles to unhealthy relationships, discover the answers you need to finally live a hooked-free life.

This series includes the following titles:
• Hooks
• The Power of Change
• The One Question That Changed My Life – Colby Sutter
• Financial Hooks – Raquel Patterson
• Relationship Hooks – Pascale Williams Pt 2
• Hooked by Association
• 6 Steps to Getting Unhooked

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