Local Church Vol. 2

Local Church Vol. 2
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There are two primary channels though which God sustains His relationship with the believer in Jesus Christ. First, God saves us into an individual relationship with Himself - this is our private devotional life with Him. However, the second channel of God's blessing in our lives is through our relationship with God's family - the local church.

God has designed that our maturity in Christ should be experienced though a network of relationships with others in the local church to which He has called us. The scriptures teach that to grow in Christ we must receive from the anointed ministers He has set in the church to lead, to feed and to protect God's family.

In this two part series, The Local Church: The Pillar and Ground of the Truth, Pastor John Carter teaches how identification and involvement with a local church opens the door to enormous blessings from God! Discover answers to questions like:

Why do we need organized Christianity?| What is a spiritual covering?| Why do we have to 'go' to church?| Can't we get what we need in Bible studies, Christian conferences, prayer meetings and Christian TV?| Why do we need pastors and teachers?| Why does every believer need to connect with other people in the Body of Christ?| Isn't my personal relationship with God enough to satisfy my spiritual needs?

Once you undertsand the powerful anointing and purpose of the local church, you will never again be satisfied to live an isolated christian life.

This series includes the following titles:
•  Ten Reasons Why You Need the Local Church Part 1
•  Ten Reasons Why You Need the Local Church Part 2
•  Ten Reasons Why You Need the Local Church Part 3
•  Ten Reasons Why You Need the Local Church Part 4
•  God's Purposes for the Church: Prayer
•  God's Purposes for the Church: Worship, Giving, Witness

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