Mysteries Revealed

Mysteries Revealed
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A mystery is something that you suspect is behind an obvious thing but you can't see it or don't understand it. We have all kinds of mysteries in this world, and we are curious to search out the hidden answers. Curiosity is part of the human personality it's what drives us forward, it gets us in trouble. Curiosities about mysteries are often the things that get us distracted. "

Jesus said there were mysteries of the Kingdom of God, mysteries that God wanted to make known to His Disciples. Jesus revealed the mysteries of the Kingdom first to his followers or his leaders (the Disciples) and then gave it to them to reveal to the world.

In this ten part series Pastor John Carter explores the scriptures that reveal the mysteries of God.

This series includes the following titles:
•  The Mysteries of God Revealed
•  Paul's Revelation of the Mystery
•  The Mystery of the God Head
•  The Mystery of the Incarnation
•  When God Became a Man
•  The Mystery of Christ in You
•  God's Revenge: The Church
•  The Mystery of the Blindness of Israel
•  The Mystery of Lawlessness
•  The Blessed Hope: The Rapture

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