Pathway to Prosperity: Vol.3 - Words in the Wilderness

Pathway to Prosperity: Vol.3 - Words in the Wilderness
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We live in a world swirling in chaos and uncertainty. High gas prices, stock market fluctuations, and volatile economic environments—the world’s financial structure is shaky at best. Nonetheless, the Bible is crystal clear: We are not to receive the fear of the world, because God has appointed for us a different destiny in the here and now.

God’s path to ongoing prosperity is different than the world’s path. Make no mistake: prosperity does not begin with your bank account. It starts with your heart, your character and your relationship with God. It transforms your relationships with others. It is on this foundation that we are able to obtain and manage financial wealth as God intended us to.

In this four part series, Words in the Wilderness: Vol. 3 Pathway to Prosperity, Pastor John Carter teaches us that when we align the words of our mouths with the Word of God, declaring His prosperity for our lives and our communities, we will see our lives and families—and even our cities—lifted above the world’s circumstances!

This series includes the following titles:
•  The Wealth of the Wicked is Laid Up for the Righteous
•  The Blessing of the Righteous
•  A Word in the Wilderness
•  What to Say

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