Recovering Your Bounce

Recovering Your Bounce
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A recent study was done on the habits of centenarians — people who live past 100 years old. They examined the lifestyle patterns of these individuals and found some surprising results.  The study revealed that dietary habits, physical fitness, access to health care and good fortune were factors in longevity, but not the most notable common thread. However, the researchers did discover one great commonality among those who live long lives: the ability to quickly recover from personal failure, loss, and pain.  They had an uncanny ability to recover emotionally and move on after experiencing deep setbacks and disappointments. Instead of fixating on the past, they developed an ability to focus on the future.

Life is filled with challenges.  An essential element to maintaining peace and well-being is to develop emotional and spiritual resiliency that gives us the capability to bounce back.  As believers, we can face unusual and intense personal challenges.  Our faith doesn’t isolate us from these conflicts but enables us to engage and overcome them.  

In this seven part series, Recovering Your Bounce, Pastor John Carter teaches practical insights you can apply to every situation. Learn how you can quickly “bounce back” from various forms of failure, loss and pain. God wants you to live a long life!

This series includes the following titles:
•  Recovering Your Bounce
•  Becoming Bouncy
•  Buoyancy
•  Increasing Your Bounce Factor: Associations
•  Bounce and Relationships
•  Bounce and the Body of Christ
•  Body Bounce

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