Revoking Generational Curses

Revoking Generational Curses
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Most every believer has the knowledge that God desires to abundantly bless His children.  While this is a vital truth, it is also important to realize that negative forces-curses-can be at work in andagainst us.

Curses are real. Like a living organism, they can secretly thread their way into families, nations, geographies, and objects. Through sin, ignorance and poor choices, we can unknowingly unlock the door for curses to operate in our lives.  Fortunately, God has provided the keys that release us from the bondage of any curse!

In this nine part series, Revoking Generational Curses, Pastor John Carter explores various types of curses; how they originate and operate and most importantly, how to break free from their influence and control. Through the blood of Jesus and with the authority of His Word, curses can be broken and completely revoked! You have the keys to close the doors behind you. It’s time to get free!

This series includes the following titles:
•  The Origin and Operation of Curses
•  Curses and the Causes-Idolatry
•  Anti-Semitism and Immorality
•  Relational Curses
•  The Curses of Dishonoring Your Family
•  The Curse of a Stingy, Selfish Spirit
•  Thieves and Liars in the House of the Lord
•  Revoking Spoken Curses
•  Manifesting Your Redemption

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