Spiritual Jurisdiction

Spiritual Jurisdiction
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To exercise jurisdiction over people, places or things means that someone, who has more authority than you, must have given you authority. As born-again Christians, we have been given, by God, rights to rule and reign. Our jurisdiction is not limited just to this natural, temporal realm, but to the spiritual realm as well.

At any level of authority, we must know and recognize where the specific boundaries of our authority lie. Not everyone has the same level or boundaries when it comes to jurisdiction. Knowing your place will allow you to operate with accuracy.

In this seven part series, Spiritual Jurisdiction, Pastor John Carter explains what spiritual jurisdiction is, how to operate within it, how to know who your spiritual covering is, how to receive from your covering and how we as Christians have the right and God-given responsibility to operate in this authority.

No more do you have to sit back and idly watch circumstances happen to you or around you. You have the right to do something about them. God wants you to walk in the authority that Jesus paid such a great price for you to have. You won’t have to do it alone. All of heaven is backing you up!

This series includes the following titles:
•  Spiritual Jurisdiction
•  Understanding Jurisdiction
•  Discerning Your Spiritual Covering
•  Receiving from Your Spiritual Covering
•  Words in Jurisdiction
•  Exercising Authority in Your Own Life
•  Binding and Loosing

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