Taking Emotional Responsibility

Taking Emotional Responsibility
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Emotions…what do you do with them? Follow them or deny them? Express them or suppress them? One thing is clear. Emotions are part of who we are. They are a gift from God. Emotions were designed to play a powerful role in helping us to fulfill our destiny. Are your emotions currently helping or hurting you? Helping or hurting others?

People and circumstances are not meant to control our emotions. We have been given the responsibility to manage our emotions in a way that will allow them to fulfill their purpose of expressing our God-given passions.

In this six part series, Taking Emotional Responsibility, Pastor John Carter reveals how our emotions were designed to motivate us into God’s best for our life. Learn how to manage and process your emotions responsibly and in a way that causes you to walk in victory and lead a productive life, rather than a destructive one. Take charge over your emotions today so they don’t take charge over you!

This series includes the following titles:
•  Emotional Responsibility
•  Getting Free from Emotional Agendas
•  How You Can Choose Joy Now!
•  Contentment: The Liberation of Joy
•  Processing Your Emotions
•  Conflict and Communication

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