The End Times: Vol.1 - Rapture: The Believer's Destiny

The End Times: Vol.1 - Rapture: The Believer's Destiny
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Many people have differing opinions and theories speculating when and how the world will end. Considering the amount of discussion about the end of the world, what does the Bible say will happen to the human race? Is the idea of an imminent, sudden disappearance of millions of Christians clearly indicated in Scripture? 

Though the word “rapture” does not occur in the Bible, the concept of the rapture is clearly taught in Scripture. (1 Thess. 4:13-18; 1 Corinthians 15:50-54) The rapture of the Church is the imminent, sudden event in which God removes all believers from the earth in order to make way for His righteous judgment to be poured out on the earth during the tribulation period.  Believers who have died will have their bodies resurrected and along with believers who are still living, will meet the Lord in the air.

In this six part series, The Rapture: The Believer’s Destiny Vol. 1 The End Times, Pastor John Carter explains the Biblical assurance regarding the very real, sudden and visible event that is coming to the Body of Christ.  Learn about the glorious future that awaits the believers in Jesus…an event that could take place in your lifetime!

This series includes the following titles:
•  Israel and the Last Days
•  The Signs of His Coming
•  The King is Coming
•  The Day of the Lord
•  The Rapture of the Church
•  The Believer's Destiny

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