The End Times: Vol.2 - Tribulation: The Coming World Ruler

The End Times: Vol.2 - Tribulation: The Coming World Ruler
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There has been great debate among Christians about the timing of the end times events listed in the book of Revelation. Directly after the rapture (the sudden disappearance of all believers) the most charismatic and attractive world ruler in human history will enamor the world. This period, known in Scripture as the Tribulation, will be marked by the sudden appearance of Antichrist and the temporary arrangements of peace that he will bring to the nations of the earth.

In three years this man will unite the world in politics, economics and religion consolidating his position of unparalleled power. Taking advantage of unprecedented natural disasters and worldwide famine, this “prince of men” will set up an earthly kingdom that will be used by Satan to launch his ultimate war on God and His people.

In this six part series, Tribulation: The Coming World Ruler Vol. 2 The End Times, Pastor John Carter delves into these events by examining in detail the book of Revelation. Learn the key events with thrilling clarity of the first half of the Tribulation as the mysteries of the ancient prophesies unfold.

This series includes the following titles:
•  What Happens After the Rapture
•  The Coming World Ruler
•  The Horsemen of the Apocalypse
•  The Seven Trumpet Judgments
•  The Coming War Against the Jews
•  Revelation 12: The War in Heaven

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