The End Times: Vol.3 - Judgment: The Wrath of God

The End Times: Vol.3 - Judgment: The Wrath of God
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We most often think of God in terms of His love, mercy and grace. Although these characteristics of God are accurate and true, the Bible teaches there is coming a time when the people of the world will experience His righteous anger and the fierceness of His holy wrath. 

Following the rise of Antichrist to world power, God will begin to bring His judgment upon the religious and political empires of rebellious humanity.  Culminating in a final conflict between the armies of Antichrist and remnant of God’s people, this terrible time of tribulation will close with the appearance of the Son of God returning to earth with the armies of Heaven.

In this six part series, Judgment: The Wrath of God Vol. 3 The End Times, Pastor John Carter explains the events that will occur during the closing months of the Great Tribulation, a period of time Biblically predicted to occur in advance of the second coming of Jesus Christ. Armed with this knowledge, believers will be ignited to warn every person to turn to the Lord’s mercy and escape the outpouring of His wrath. 

This series includes the following titles:
•  The False Prophet and the Grapes of Wrath
•  Seven Bowls and the King of the East
•  The Whore of Babylon
•  Babylon Destroyed
•  The Marriage Supper of the Lamb
•  The Great and Notable Day of the Lord

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