The Gathering Storm Vol. 2 - The Rapture

The Gathering Storm Vol. 2 - The Rapture
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The last days are here. From Old Testament prophets to every New Testament writer the Bible has a lot to say about the Last Days and the return of Christ. The Bible clearly says that we need to know the signs of the Last Days and be prepared for the return of Jesus. So, why do many Christians neglect or purposefully ignore this major theme of the Bible?

For many Christians, literature on the last days is filled with analogies and illustrations that are not easily understood. Yet, God chose to encase one-third of His Word with predictions and prophecy. Wouldn’t it be wise for us to do our part in learning to understand?

The Book of Revelation says there is a special blessing for those who read the words of this prophecy, and as believers, we have an obligation and responsibility to be prepared.

In this 5-part series, The Gathering Storm – Vol. 2: The Rapture, you will learn the Biblical details surrounding the rapture of the Church. Uncover events leading up to the return of Christ and how God will receive us for himself and His plan for us when we join Him. This is your opportunity to prepare for the gathering storm taking place in the Last Days.

This series includes the following titles:
•  The Rapture of the Saints
•  The Pattern & Process of the Rapture
•  Preparing for Departure
•  What in the World is He Waiting For
•  The Church: God’s Restraining Force

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