The Return of Babylon

The Return of Babylon
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It can be said that all of human history is the story of a struggle between two great cities: Babylon, the city of man, and Jerusalem, the city of God.  The two cities play both a natural and figurative role in God’s ultimate plan of redemption. However, one must understand the history behind these great cities to fully appreciate the events that are playing out before us on the world stage.

Babylon was the first great world empire.  It was here that humanism was born as the people of earth sought to build a tower that would symbolize mankind’s lordship of earth and their independence from God.  Centuries later, King Nebuchadnezzar built the great city of Babylon from which nearly all pagan religions of earth sprang forth.  Babylon eventually destroyed God’s City, Jerusalem, and took God’s people as captives to live in the shadows of Babylon’s walls for 70 years.  While ancient Babylon fell quietly at the hand of the Persians, the Scriptures clearly predict a resurrection of this city in the days just before Christ’s return.

In this compelling four part series, The Return of Babylon, Pastor John Carter examines the Scriptural evidence as it relates to the rebuilding of Babylon-- and how this could be happening at this time in human history!  You will learn of Babylon’s significance as Antichrist’s capital city and how God Himself will utterly destroy the forces of Babylon.

This series includes the following titles:
•  A Tale of Two Cities, Pt. A
•  A Tale of Two Cities, Pt. B
•  The Whore of Babylon
•  Babylon Destroyed

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