Women and Marriage

Women and Marriage
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And God said, “It is not good….” At the completion of every step of creation, God looked and saw that it was good. But when He looked at man without a helper, He said, “It is not good that the man should be alone.” So God made woman—a companion, a “completer,” a helper suitable for man. He made her different from man. Different not only physically, but also emotionally. Different by design.

A woman brings her own very distinctive elements to the marriage relationship. Instead of being downplayed or overplayed, those differences need to be fully appreciated. Understanding the distinct roles and unique gifts women bring to relationships is key to the release of heaven on earth in marriages and families.

In this six part series, Women and Marriage, Pastor John Carter takes us on an eye-opening and uplifting Bible journey into how woman is created and the unique qualities she possesses. How she can be strong without being overbearing, and what are her God-given roles within the marriage, family and outside relationships. Gain new insight into the rich diversity of the gifting and purpose that is this gift called “woman.”

This series includes the following titles:
•  Woman: The Redemption of Man
•  The Power of Submission
•  What a Woman Needs: Affirmation-Part 1
•  What a Woman Needs: Affirmation-Part 2
•  Listen to Your Wife
•  When a Man Loves A Woman

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