Freedom from the Fear of Man

Freedom from the Fear of Man
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Are you allowing the fear of others to control your life? Are you intimidated to “break out” of the ordinary and stand out? Are you a believer who finds yourself frustrated by a seeming inability to make the necessary changes you desire? What is holding you back?

Often we comprehend what it takes to make necessary changes, but we simply lack the courage to carry it through. What really need is boldness.

A lack of boldness can often be rooted in two common fears: the fear of man and the fear of facing the truth about our own lives.

Proverbs 29:25 tells us that “the fear of man brings a snare.” God wants us free to navigate life without fearing what people think or say. In addition, He has given us the courage to face the negative truth about ourselves. We aren’t meant to live in condemnation and hopelessness; we are designed to conform to His image!

In this eight part series, Freedom from the Fear of Man, Pastor John Carter challenges us to boldly confront and overcome circumstances and belief systems that dominate our lives in a negative way. If you want to “break out” and be who God has made you to be, this series is for you!

This series includes the following titles:
•  Boldness and the Fear of Man
•  Freedom from the Control of Man
•  Projection Deflection: Becoming the Real You!
•  Free of Man Pleasing
•  Boldness and Confrontation
•  The Courage to Confront the Truth
•  Truth and Consequences: Get Real! Part 1
•  Truth and Consequences: Truth Hurts! Part 2 - Side A
•  Truth and Consequences: Truth Hurts! Part 2 - Side B

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