Jesus among the gods

Jesus among the gods
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Never before have so many different nationalities and cultures of people had such access to travel, education, and the opportunity to share their idea with others. This exciting new era has also brought the religions of the world from hight school textbooks to our neighborhoods, schools and marketplaces. Hindu temples and Muslim mosques are joining churches and synagogues across the religious skylines of our cities. The nations of the earth have fully integrated into our culture. We can reach the world with the message of Jesus Christ right within our own communities! Are you ready to share the Gospel with those who adhere to the ancient religions of the world?

In this thoughtful and penetrating study, Pastor John Carter compares the Person and faith of Jesus Christ to major religious world-views: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Paganism. By pointing out the uniqueness of the Christian Faith, Pastor Carter reveals the irreconcilable differences between these religions and Biblical Christianity, while respectfully pointing the way for Christians to articulate their faith as we live for Jesus among the gods of the world.

This series includes the following titles:
•  Jesus on Mars Hill
•  Jesus and the gods of India
•  Jesus Meets Buddha
•  Jesus Meets Allah
•  Jesus, Joseph Smith and The Mormon Maze - Part 1
•  Jesus, Joseph Smith and The Mormon Maze - Part 2
•  Jesus among the gods Questions and Answers

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