Finding the Real Jesus

Finding the Real Jesus
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Jesus of Nazareth is the most compelling and controversial figure in human history. Most religions and historians agree that Jesus existed; that He was a revolutionary teacher, a wise philosopher, and a righteous man. Beyond this, however, there are many different views on the true nature of Jesus. 

To the ancient Gnostics he was a phantom that appeared to be human.  To Mohammed, he was a holy prophet, but not the Son of God.  To many cults and eastern religions he was an incarnated angel or divinely created spirit. If we are going to know Him, we need to know who Jesus really is. By looking at the Gospels, along with the clear statements Jesus made about Himself, a powerful and consistent picture emerges. 

In this compelling six part series, Finding the Real Jesus, Pastor John Carter closely examines the New Testament account of the life of Jesus Christ and boldly contests the common misperceptions that exist about Him. Discover through examining the scriptures who Jesus says He really is.

This series includes the following titles:
•  In the Beginning Was Jesus
•  The Crib Before the Cradle
•  Jesus in the Burning Bush
•  God is a Man
•  Behold the Man
•  One Way: The Audacious Claims of Jesus Christ

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