Integrity of God's Word

Integrity of God's Word
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Are the scriptures really the Word of God? Or, are they merely a collection of interpretations from the minds of men? The Bible declares itself as the true Word of God, not merely a book containing the words of God, but literally the Word of God. However, there is still more that we can know and understand to effectively share our faith. As believers, we should be able to give proper explanation and defend our faith in Jesus Christ by using the Word of God as our foundation.

It is vital that every believer know how to understand the Word of God, to interpret the scriptures and study the Word by using different methods and tools. We should also develop apologetic and hermeneutic skills so that we can be effective witnesses for Christ through our working knowledge of the Word of God.

In this six part series, The Integrity of God’s Word: The Miracle of the Preservation of God’s Word, Pastor John Carter takes us through the scriptures and some historical Biblical facts that reveal to us how God has preserved the integrity of His Word. How He used different authors to write it by directly inspiring each one of them. God has truly kept His Word intact for thousands of years! The integrity of the scriptures is nothing short of miraculous. Discover it today!

This series includes the following titles:
•  Understanding God’s Word
•  The Inspiration of Scripture
•  The Miracle and Preservation of God’s Word
•  Interpreting God’s Word
•  Rules of Interpretation Part 1
•  Rules of Interpretation Part 2

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